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If we fit, we sit (and pour beer!)

Ahh winter, we love you because we get to cozy up near the fire and sip hot chocolate but we are ready to get back to pouring beer! Our events have slowed down for the season but we believe there is an explanation for this (besides the whole pandemic situation.) We realized many people do not understand how our truck operates, which is understandable since mobile bars like ours are a fairly new concept. Let us explain!

Our truck's tap system utilizes carbon dioxide or nitrogen dioxide in order to push beverages from the kegs, through the lines and to the taps. Therefore, our truck's engine is never running as we are serving beverages! The great thing about this is that our truck can be parked outdoors OR indoors, given the event space has room for us to bring a vehicle inside and park it. If we are asked to park indoors, our truck is moved to the appropriate location and shut down. This means no exhaust fumes or loud engines as we serve the guests!

We are also happy to move the truck and bar around depending on the event schedule. For example, we served at a wedding recently where they wanted the post-ceremony happy hour outdoors but then wanted the bar moved indoors for dinner. So long as we know the plan ahead of time, we will accommodate however we can!

So whether you are having a beautiful outdoor wedding or an indoor Christmas party, we will be there with cold beer and smiles!

Happy New Year everyone!

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