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Meet Charlie!

"Good Time Charlie"

Charlie is our 1951 Willys Jeep Station Wagon named after our grandfather, Charlie. It is newly renovated and outfitted with four taps ready to pour cold beer, cider, wine or any beverage that can be purchased in a keg.

The History of the Willys Jeep

After World War I, the Department of War put out a call to over 135 US manufactures to create a small, four wheel drive vehicle that would be utilized by the military.  Ultimately, Willys and Ford collaborated and combined existing designs which led to the creation of the iconic Willys Jeep, named the Willys Jeep MA (military model A). The vehicle became known as one of the greatest contributors to modern warfare. It was used with great success during World War II, the Korean War and the Vietnam War.

After the war, the Willys Jeep CJ (civilian jeep) was introduced to the public as the world's first four wheel drive vehicle. In 1946, the Willys Jeep station wagon was created and remained largely unchanged in design for nearly twenty years.        


"The only true American sports car."

 -Enzo Ferrari

Tap Truck Keystone
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